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SDL Consulting Issues

19. Does SDL only offer client’s advice and consulting or can it help with implementation and services as well?

Answer: SDL prides itself on being a one stop, hands on service provider for foreign companies or Mexican subsidiaries/sales offices of foreign companies. SDL recognizes that the right strategies without implementation and execution assistance can be just a disasterous as bad strategic advise. As a result, SDL Consulting with the assistance of its partner LGA Consulting is able to assist your company with virtually every type of hands on, execution or implementation issue related to your business needs in Mexico.

20. How does SDL Consulting charge for its services?

Answer: SDL offers its services in one of three ways: (a) a fixed rate, (b) an hourly rate depending on the staff member working on the project and sometimes based on the nature of the project itself, or (c) a fixed rate for a certain period of agreed upon time which gives us the clarity needed to provide a later, fixed rate to finish the project. For your information, Incorporation, trademark, and accounting services are fixed fees with accounting services being partially dependent on invoicing and other related activity.

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